Computerized Diagnostics

Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on a road trip, the last thing you want to worry about is a mystery symptom in your vehicle. Bring it to M&M Auto Service!

Our trained technicians have the skill and experience to diagnose the issue with your vehicle, even if you’re not sure what it might be. With a thorough inspection, our technicians will identify the problem, check the key safety systems, and help you find the best solution for your family and your vehicle.

Computer Diagnostics for Auto Repair

Modern vehicles are equipped with computers that monitor and control key aspects of the vehicle’s operation. For example, the primary engine computer adjusts the engine and transmission operations, adjusting for highest efficiency and monitoring for warning signs or symptoms of a problem.

When the computer notices something wrong, it will trigger a warning light (like the Check Engine light) on your dashboard to alert you of the issue. If your vehicle has a light on, bring it into M&M Auto Service. Our technicians will read the computer, identify the error code and the problem that caused it, and recommend the right repair or service to solve the problem.

Failure of a component can be stressful. When you don’t know what’s wrong, it’s even scarier. The technicians at M&M Auto Service are experts at computer diagnostics. We’ll help you find and fix the problem with reliable repairs, backed by our 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty.

The technicians at M&M Auto Service are able to accurately diagnose the electronic parts in your car to get you back on the road quickly. To schedule an inspection or computer diagnostics for your vehicle, call our team at 412-782-1559.